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Final Flat Roof (FFR) was built on a foundation of customer service and quality of work. For over 50 years we have set the standard for others to follow. We are internationally recognized for our commitment to excellence and have over $800 million of commercial real state protected by our reputation. At Final Flat Roof, we value our clients and we will always put their security first when designing and installing their roof system.

Caribbean Roofing Contractors

As the population of Caribbean Countries grows, so does the demand for quality commercial roofing and flat roofing services. Caribbean Condominium and commercial building owners are looking for a Caribbean Roofing Company that can provide top quality service and durable roof system that will with stand Caribbean's harsh roofing climate. Commercial building owner cannot afford to choose the wrong commercial roof system or commercial roofing contractor. Final Flat Roof, with our professional installation team, can solve the most difficult roofing problems. Temporary roof repair can now become a permanent roof system with Final Flat Roof. Caribbean airports, hospitals, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings and condominiums can all benefit from the installation of our commercial flat roof systems.

Caribbean Commercial Flat Roof Systems

All of our Caribbean commercial Flat roof systems are designed to survive Caribbean's extreme roofing conditions and require very little maintenance. Once our roof commercial roof system are installed the Caribbean building owner can enjoy years of a reliable worry free commercial roof system.

Final Flat Roof, a reflective reply roof system, is designed to out perform any commercial flat roof system on the market. Our reflective roof system is design to repel Caribbean's harsh solar heat and tropical rain providing a seamless shield over your existing roof. The warranty is design to outperform the competition as well. Final Flat Roof (FFR) is backed by standard 10 year labor and material warranty that is extendable to 20 years.

Protecting Caribbean's environment

Final Flat Roof (FFR) is also investing in the protection of Caribbean's environment. From our recycling program to our "Bio-Based Green " roof system, we have helped reduce the 123 million tons of toxic roofing that our competitor put in your landfills. We have helped reduce our dependency of foreign oil by utilizing a Thermoset waterproof reflective reply roof system to surgically restore flat roofs. We are one of the only roofing consulting certified to apply this new technology in the world. When we are complete, our clients will own a green roof system that will be around for up to 20 years guaranteed and can reduce their overall energy bills.

We provide services in the following Caribbean Countries:
•British Virgin Islands
•Cayman Islands
•Dominican Republic
•Puerto Rico
•Saint Lucia
•Saint Martin
•Trinidad and Tobago
•Turks and Caicos Islands
•U.S. Virgin Islands

We took a stand to put our clients, environment and our reputation first. We believe if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

Please call us today and see why we are the best Caribbean Roofing Company.

Final Flat Roof (FFR) - Green Energy Council Endorsement - Read More!

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